Experienced Roofing Services for Multi-Family Properties and HOAs

The complexities of executing projects for multi-family properties are not insignificant—juggling multiple projects within a set budget can be challenging. All Craftsmen Exteriors is proud to work with homeowners’ associations, condo owners’ associations and property management companies throughout the extended Twin Cities metro area. Our attention to detail and commitment to providing quality services has led many associations to choose us for their roofing replacement and repair projects.

Roofing Services for Multi-Family Housing

We offer a wide range of multi-family roofing services, including:

Roof in construction


Our experts have the training and skill needed to manage the challenges associated with the unique size and shape of multi-family property roof replacements. Whether you need a full tear off and replacement or would like to complete your roofing projects in smaller stages, we can help.

Roof in construction


Age, weather and falling debris all have the potential to cause issues within a roof system. We offer repair services designed to remediate moderate to severe roof damage.

House with a deck


A proactive approach to maintaining roofing materials helps to extend their lifespan and reduces the chances of small problems becoming costly, time-consuming, big problems. We offer customized maintenance programs that include inspections of the flashings, plumbing boots, exposed nails, roof-to-wall intersections, algae/lichen growth, vent condition, caulking and more.

Our experience dealing with property management companies and HOAs allows us to create a customized package for multiple buildings and associations.

What You Can Expect From All Craftsmen Exteriors

When working with us on your multi-family roofing project, you can expect us to be:


Every one of our employees is committed to being professional and respectful of property owners. We care for every property as though it were our own, and make the extra effort to protect homes and people from damage or injury.


Selecting the proper materials and strategies for repairing or replacing roofs on multi-family properties is important to the overall success of the project. We offer the education and advice your team needs to identify the best materials and products for your specific project needs and budget.


Your residents deserve continual updates on the progress of large projects impacting their homes. We pride ourselves on offering regular progress updates and being responsive to all your questions and concerns.


We are focused on smooth execution of every project. To meet that goal, we manage every detail of your project from start to finish. This includes scheduling specific jobs, arranging convenient material delivery and ensuring all parties know exactly what to expect.


Many multi-family roofing projects involve multiple insurance claims. We provide the advice and support your organization needs when dealing with multiple claims and property owners.

Every action we take during our service to you is designed to create a lasting relationship between your organization and ours.

Contact Us to Schedule a Free On-Site Consultation

No two residential roofing projects are the same. With that in mind, we take the time to get to know you, your project and your goals before offering an estimate on materials and labor costs. To schedule a free consultation with one of our residential roofing experts, contact us today.

With offices in Burnsville, we serve residential homeowners throughout the southern Twin Cities metro area.