Hail Storm Damage in a parking lot filled with cars

What Should You Do After A Hailstorm? 

Check for Damage After a Hailstorm

After a hailstorm, you often hear conversations about what people experienced in their part of the Twin Cities. You will even see pictures on social media of large hailstorms that could pass for PGA golf balls. But what is most important is what happened at your home. Even a small storm can leave damage that will become expensive if not taken care of immediately.

A few tell-tale signs that you should have your roof inspected are hail damage to vehicles in the immediate vicinity as well as damage to your gutters or siding. We recommend limiting your inspection to these areas since it can be dangerous to be on your roof without the proper safety gear and experience.

Document Everything After a Hailstorm

Keep a record of when the hailstorm was, when you found the damage, and what the damage was that you were able to see. Take any photographs that you can safely take. If you can see missing shingles, photograph those areas of your roof, as well as any shingles that remain in your yard. Other photographs help show the severity of the storm and other insurance claims such as auto claims, siding claims, etc.

Check Your Insurance Policy

All policies are different, so you will have to review your policy to ensure your policy will cover the work and materials. Sometimes policies will have time limits for filing the claim, so be sure to file as soon after a hailstorm as possible.  

Contact All Craftsmen Exteriors

Even small dents in your roofing and siding can cause a significant expense if you don’t have them repaired quickly, the right way. All too often, homeowners let a lot of time pass before they contact a professional roofer inspector. Don’t make that mistake!

You also want to work that the company you work with is local and reputable. Unfortunately, there are fly-by-night companies that will take your deposit money and leave town before ever doing the work.

Our professional roofers have the necessary experience with inspections, repairs, and replacements. You can count on us to do the job and do it right. Contact us today!