Can You Still Get Roof Damage in the Fall in Minnesota?

person looking through window to see rain droplets outside

As we experience fall and winter draws near in Minnesota, it’s important to remind ourselves just how harmful the weather can be to our roofs any time of year. Hail and ice can fall at an angle or nearly sideways if winds are strong enough. Wind-driven rain or ice can tear up siding or roofs on houses. 

As the cold air approaches and temperatures change, it can still cause a storm, which can damage your roof, causing you to repair or replace it. Hail storms during this season are rare, but storms can still cause damage. It can be even harder to realize damage because we may think it isn’t possible in the fall and winter, like summer. 

How Can Storms Affect My Roof?

When a single hailstone or any object falls onto your roof, it can cause the protective coating on your shingles to loosen and crack. Without that coating, your roof is then more susceptible to leaks. Damage can happen from one single hailstone. Imagine the results from any object that might have enough wind. The tricky thing about fall and winter is that you may not notice the damage or think that it could happen this time of year and be left with a more significant problem over the winter, especially in the spring when the snow starts to melt. 

After any major storms, inspect your roof for repairs or replacement. It’s also crucial to have your roof insured so that you can save money and time in the long run. 

How Do I Know If I Need to File an Insurance Claim After a Storm?

Homeowners are free to inspect their roofs for visible damage after a storm, but it is recommended to have a thorough inspection done. Most homeowners only see surface-level damage, but there could be “hidden” damage done to your roof that you’re unaware of. Don’t let the whole winter go by if you think there may be damage to your roof. 

To maximize your claim, trusting a roofing contractor like All Craftsmen Exteriors to do a free consultation and inspection is the right way to go. Along with a detailed inspection, they will provide a moisture and leak test and give you an estimate of the possible damage to your roof. This makes it a lot easier to talk with an insurance adjuster if you need to file a claim. 

What If I Have Storm Damage But Don’t Have Insurance?

Whether you have insurance or not, it’s still essential to repair your roof. The cost of repairing the damage when it is initially done is very little compared to waiting to repair it and having your roof be more susceptible to damage and leaks. Not repairing your roof could lead to mold growth and affect the structure of your home, which will cost you a lot more than fixing damage from a hailstorm. 

It’s also important to note that if not repaired in a timely manner, you could risk the possibility of having to replace the roof in its entirety, making it a more time-consuming and costly project.

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