How to Choose the Best Roofing Company for Your New Roof

House With Fallen Trees

Has your roof recently been damaged in a storm, or is it starting to show signs that it needs to be replaced?

If so, here are a few things to keep in mind as you evaluate roofing companies…

Make Sure They Have Insurance

When choosing a roofing company, make sure that the company you select has both worker’s compensation and liability insurance for your new roof installation.  This protects you in the event an accident occurs.  Some roofing contractors try to cut corners by not electing to buy insurance, but this is risky business for you, since if a worker is injured on your property, you may be subject to a lawsuit.  Plus, if the contractor doesn’t have general liability insurance, they won’t be able to reimburse you for any damage that may occur during the course of the installation.

Get an Estimate

 Each company you speak with should provide you with a written estimate that covers all aspects of the job, which will likely include:

  • Removing your old roof
  • Installing a new roof
  • Replacing any rotten plywood decking
  • Any incidentals that may come up in the process

Get a Guarantee

 Any reputable residential roofing company will offer a guarantee that covers their work for a specific period of time, usually up to five years.  Many times, homeowners who work with fly-by-night companies end up having problems with their roof installations that should have been covered under a guarantee.

Choose a Roofer with a Good Local Reputation

 It may be tempting to just collect a bunch of estimates and go with the lowest offer. This is usually not the best idea, however.  Roofing is a low barrier-to-entry profession.  Anyone with a pickup truck and some materials can install a roof.  But choosing the lowest estimate could lead to problems that end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

You’re much better off choosing a roofer who has an established local reputation of at least 5 years.  Companies who do shoddy work usually don’t last long.  And even if a company does offer you a guarantee, that guarantee is only as good as the piece of paper it’s printed on if that company doesn’t have an established local reputation and a long history of satisfied customers.  There is nothing to stop less established roofing companies from simply packing up shop and onto the next town over.

Beware of Storm Chasers

 If there has been a storm in your area, it’s not uncommon for companies to canvass door-to-door for customers.  They may use high-pressure tactics like telling you that you have storm damage to your roof, and try to get you to sign a letter of intent right there on the spot.  While not all “storm chasers” are disreputable, the fact remains that since most aren’t going to be from your local area, it’s hard to guarantee the quality of their work.

Details of the Job

 Here are a few final things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure that the roofer is going to remove your old roof, if necessary, and not simply put new shingles over it
  • Make sure you get something in writing stating that they plan on cleaning up properly after they have finished and will be taking necessary precautions not to damage any landscaping

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