Solar Panels on Roof

Solar Panel Benefits

Solar power is an excellent source of low-cost (after your initial investment) energy. It’s renewable, so you can feel good about taking care of our planet. And with no harmful byproducts such as emissions, it is clean. And very little maintenance is required. But what is involved in getting solar panels? You should consult a solar panel expert for the full details, but We can tell you about a critical aspect of this form of energy: How solar panels affect your roof.

Start with a great roof.

Your roof is the foundation of your solar panels. If it has problems, leaks, peeling shingles, etc., you should take care of these issues before installing solar panels. Once the panels are up, they will stay that way until you pay someone to take them down again, and that’s what you will need to do when the time comes to do any roof repairs.  

Ensuring your roof is in good condition will save you a lot of time and money. For this reason, it is also a good idea to purchase solar panels with a warranty that will match the roof warranty. You don’t want a 20-year solar panel and a 15-year roof.

How are solar panels attached to your roof?

Installers can attach solar panels to nearly any type of roofing material. For Asphalt shingles, which cover 70% of North American roofs, a racking system secures the solar panels tightly to the roof.[1] This racking system is attached to the asphalt shingles using a lag bolt and flashing. Flashing is a piece of sheet metal. It prevents water from penetrating the holes drilled through the shingles to attach the lag bolt to the roof rafters. For extra protection, the installer will seal the flashing with tar.

Water Runoff Caused by the Solar Panels

It’s a good idea to have a professional roofer look at your installation to determine if there will be a water runoff problem. The racking used to install the solar panels can interfere with the proper flow and drainage of water and snow. This can create issues such as leaks. To avoid this, have the installation job inspected right away before any damage is done.

Can your roof support solar panels?

You will need room for the number of panels you wish to install on the slope on which they will be placed. There are different ideas about which side is the best. Some recommend putting them on the south side, while others say the west side is the better choice. Consult with your professional solar panel installer to help you decide.

Can solar panels harm Your Roof?

There is undoubtedly potential for your roof to incur damage if the solar panels are not installed correctly. That’s one reason you should use a reputable, experienced installer. Solar panels aren’t a DIY project. And, to get your roof in top shape before the solar panels go up, contact the roofing experts at All Craftsmen Exteriors.



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