damaged house roof with missing shingles

Discovering shingles lying in your yard can be an alarming sight to see. Once spotted, you may automatically assume that there must be something wrong with your roof. However, a couple of loose or missing shingles doesn’t always result in an entire roof replacement. Understanding where the shingles came from and the extent of the damage should always be your first step before assuming you have to pay for an entire new roof. 

How Did the Shingles Blow Off My Roof?

Before diving into the reasons behind missing shingles, you first need to consider  the age of your roof. Much of it will have to do with whether your roof is new or aged. The age and condition of your roof can determine if you need to contact those responsible for installing your new roof. If it is out of warranty or your contractor’s guarantee, you might need to consider getting a total replacement because your roof is just too old to protect your home. 

My Roof Is New And Losing Shingles

Roofs have a fairly long lifespan, so if your new roof already shows signs of missing shingles, it can mean one of two things. Either the shingles were installed incorrectly, or you have inactive seal strips.

Oftentimes, especially with inexperienced roofers, the nails used when securing your shingles could be misplaced. These nails are the main source of your shingle holding its place, so if these were to fail, the shingle would easily blow off. 

Seal strips are used to help bond your shingles together. These are typically activated in warmer temperatures with high sun exposure. If your new roof was installed during lower temperatures and cloudy skies, it might take longer for the strips to properly activate and seal. During that time, that could be the cause of more than one shingle being in your yard. 

If your roof is new, contact your roofing contractor to fix those stray shingles. Have them confirm why the shingles have been misplaced because if one shingle blew off, chances are more can as well. 

An Older Roof With Missing Shingles

Living in Minnesota, most roofs have asphalt shingles. An asphalt shingle’s lifespan is typically between 15-30 years. As your roof ages, signs to show you need to replace your roof are missing or damaged shingles. 

Seal strips and nails age over time. In bad weather conditions, this causes the shingles to blow off and directly expose your home. Once water hits the roof deck, it can cause leaks, and you’ll have to pay much more than a missing shingle. Before that can happen, call roofing experts such as All Craftsman Roofing and get a full roof replacement to ensure the protection of your home.

Can I Just Repair the Missing Shingle?

Replacing a single missing shingle could be possible, but it might only be a short term solution. If your roof is around 15 years old, you should really consider fully replacing your roof. If your roof is 10 years old, a free inspection could help you decide. Although it may just be one shingle now, that doesn’t mean more won’t follow shortly. This can lead to more and more repair jobs and ultimately cost you more than an inevitable full roof replacement. 

If your roof is new, it depends on how many shingles have blown off. If it’s just one single shingle then it should be an easy fix that can be solved by a roofing contractor. If it’s more than one, that may be due to multiple faulty installations. Make sure you choose a roofer you can trust to do the job right the first time.

Contact The Roofing Experts 

To be sure what the problem with your roof is, contact All Craftsmen Exteriors today. We will offer you a free inspection of the missing shingles and suggest the best course of action for you. Whether it’s just a repair or a total replacement, we can help!

Along with our help, be sure to always inspect your own roof after every major Minnesota storm. This can help determine the cause of a missing shingle and can get it fixed before any major damage is made.