roof maintenance
Top of roof with ventilation pipe
Proper ventilation is a critical aspect of roofing systems that often goes overlooked. Many homeowners and even some roofing professionals underestimate the significance of ventilation in maintaining the health and longevity of a roof. If your roof has improper ventilation, it can have significant effects on the quality of your roof and overall home. As...
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damaged house roof with missing shingles
Discovering shingles lying in your yard can be an alarming sight to see. Once spotted, you may automatically assume that there must be something wrong with your roof. However, a couple of loose or missing shingles doesn’t always result in an entire roof replacement. Understanding where the shingles came from and the extent of the...
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water stain on ceiling from roof leak
As the weather in Minnesota starts to adjust to warmer temperatures, we see a lot of snowmelt happening. During this time, there is an endless cycle of snow melting off of our roofs and refreezing at night. This continuous period and the harsh winter can be very hard on your roof and cause damage. These...
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