Roofer on Roof in Safety Gear

Roofer Safety

Roofer Safety is a priority. We can prevent most accidents with careful planning and attention to safety protocols. The place to We can start is with proper training and knowing how to use roofing equipment safely. Proper Training and Safe Use of Equipment Safety training and follow-up training to refresh even the most seasoned roofers are essential to keeping everyone on the job site safe. But This is just the start of a roofing company’s safety program. OSHA requires fall protection training for anyone who is at risk of falling. Roofers definitely “fall” into that category. Roofers also learn how to use and maintain safety equipment. They also learn how to safely use any other equipment they will need on the job, such as:         Roofing Nail Guns        ...
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skylight over bed in bedroom

What You Should Know Before Installing a Skylight?

What Should You Know Before Installing a Skylight? Installing a skylight can be a great way to brighten up your home with natural light, but having the job done right requires careful planning, so before you go cutting a hole in your roof, there are some things to consider. Skylight Placement If you would like consistent, year-round light, having your skylight installed on the north side of your roof is the best way to go. If you are more concerned with energy savings, you will want to choose the south side. Your skylight will be installed between your rafters, so it can help have a blueprint of your home handy, but it isn’t required. It is also important to keep in mind what the sun from the skylight will hit. It could easily bleach out...
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Man Working on Roof

How Does A Roof Warranty Work?

How Do Roof Warranties Work? When purchasing a new roof, it is just as important to look into the warranty that comes with the roof, as it is to find out about the quality of the shingles used. Otherwise, you may have some surprises later in the future. To protect yourself and your pocketbook, ask for a copy of the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Then, take your time reading it. Make a note of anything you would like clarified. Types of Roof Warranties There are two categories of warranties:         A Manufacturer Warranty – Some cover only the roofing materials while others cover the entire system. Few manufacturer warranties will also cover the labor.         A Contractor Warranty – Some cover the labor, while others cover the workmanship....
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Solar Panels on Roof

How Solar Panels Affect Your Roof

Solar Panel Benefits Solar power is an excellent source of low-cost (after your initial investment) energy. It’s renewable, so you can feel good about taking care of our planet. And with no harmful byproducts such as emissions, it is clean. And very little maintenance is required. But what is involved in getting solar panels? You should consult a solar panel expert for the full details, but We can tell you about a critical aspect of this form of energy: How solar panels affect your roof. Start with a great roof. Your roof is the foundation of your solar panels. If it has problems, leaks, peeling shingles, etc., you should take care of these issues before installing solar panels. Once the panels are up, they will stay that way until you pay someone to take them...
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Ice dam on roof

What Causes Ice Dams?

What is an Ice Dam? An ice dam is a ridge of ice that has formed along the edge of your roof. Non-uniform temperatures on the roof cause this. For example, the roof may be warmer at the peak but below 32 degrees Fahrenheit closer to the roof’s edge. Snow on the warmer section of the roof will melt, and as it slides down to the colder area of the roof, it refreezes to create this ridge of ice that holds back the rest of the snow and ice on the roof. When an ice dam forms, the frozen precipitation is prevented from sliding off the rood and will often back up, causing leaks and damage to roofing materials and mold in the attic of the home. How Can Ice Dams Be Eliminated? Properly insulate...
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Wooden shingles with roots grown in between them

How Long Will Your Roof Last?

There are plenty of reasons to wonder how long your roof will last. Your home’s roof is one of the most expensive things that will need replacement at some point. This is why the age and condition of a roof will inevitably arise in home sale negotiations. If it is a newer roof, the seller will bring it up. If it is older, the buyer will often attempt to get the home’s sales price reduced. Insurance and the Age of Your Roof Insurance companies are also using the age of a home’s roof to cut their losses. This is particularly true in areas battered by hailstorms, such as here in Minnesota. Along with hail damage deductibles, many insurers are now refusing coverage to roofs after a certain age. Some insurers are also requiring that a...
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Roof with Attic Window

Inadequate Attic Ventilation

Unfortunately, most homeowners have no idea what is going on in their attics because we never go to the topmost part of our homes. Yet, a common problem home inspectors encounter is inadequate attic ventilation. We spend so much time trying to insulate our house that it may seem counterintuitive to want the heat in our attic to escape, but it is crucial to a healthy home. It will also ensure that your shingles don’t prematurely curl and melt. Without adequate ventilation, your home is at risk for:         Rapidly deteriorating shingles         Wood rot         Mold in your attic         Mildew         Peeling paint on your home’s exterior         Energy loss         Rusty...
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Twin Cities Hail On Pavement

Twin Cities Hail Storm

Twin City Hail Storms are fairly common this time of year. Recently, the Twin Cities was hit by severe thunderstorms. Non-stop lightning punctuated the skies throughout the night. Gusts of wind reached 61 mph, and over 10,000 homes in the south and west metro were without power.  It was the hail that left a lasting impression on homes around the Twin Cities. Hailstones were golf ball sized and larger—some even as big as baseballs! The hail event lasted nearly 15 minutes. How is hail formed? In the cold, upper regions of storm clouds, water droplets sometimes freeze together. As the tiny hail begins to fall from the cloud, a strong updraft of wind lifts it back up into the cloud again. More water droplets hit the icy ball. They freeze to the hail’s surface, increasing...
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