Minneapolis local view of skyline.

Why You Should Work With A Local Roofer

 The Best Reasons To Work With A Local Roofer Local roofing companies offer more personalized service and have a more significant investment in the community than a big box contractor. Learn more about the benefits of hiring a local roofer for roof replacement in Minnesota for your home. Finding the right residential roofing company in Burnsville can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be when you trust the team at All Craftsman Exteriors! We’re a locally owned and operated roofing company committed to friendly, reliable roofing services for customers just like you in the South Twin Cities metro area. There are several great reasons to choose a local Minnesota roofing contractor for your roof replacement or repair! Local Roofers Know the Area When you opt for a local roofer, you’re getting someone who...
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Roof Replacement With Professional Roofers on Roof of Large home.

Why You Need A New Roof

When Should I have A New Roof Replacement? It’s not uncommon for homeowners to neglect the proper maintenance of their roofs. Ice dams, moisture intrusion, and general wear can degrade the integrity of residential roofing long before the hail storm causes damage. Because of the harsh seasons in Minnesota, your roof may already be to the point that it needs to be replaced before storm season starts. Even if you don’t have any visible damage, if your roof is old, a new roof is a worthwhile investment. House repair can be an expensive, time-consuming, and stressful ordeal, but replacing your roof can be one of the best bangs for your buck. New roofs can increase home value by helping you avoid costly repairs and restorations in the future. A new roof is also relatively easy...
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Shingles used in roof replacement.

What Are Roof Shingles Made Of ?

What Fiberglass Shingles are Made Of  Have you ever thought about what goes into the shingles that go onto your roof? Shingle technology is what enables your roof to last up to 20 years, despite the sun, rain, and wind. Although fiberglass shingles, often called asphalt shingles, are the most common roofing material used in Minnesota, they are hi-tech engineering. The Fiberglass Base In the old days of shingle manufacturing, shingles were made by saturating cellulose with asphalt. This wasn’t very durable. So, for the past few decades, the standard has been to use fiberglass. Each shingle’s base is a mat of uniformly dispersed fine glass fibers held together by a binder. This fiberglass mat must be strong enough to last the guaranteed lifetime of the shingle. This mat is the foundation upon which the...
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Hail Storm Damage in a parking lot filled with cars

What Should You Do After A Hailstorm? | All Craftsmen Exteriors

What Should You Do After A Hailstorm?  Check for Damage After a Hailstorm After a hailstorm, you often hear conversations about what people experienced in their part of the Twin Cities. You will even see pictures on social media of large hailstorms that could pass for PGA golf balls. But what is most important is what happened at your home. Even a small storm can leave damage that will become expensive if not taken care of immediately. A few tell-tale signs that you should have your roof inspected are hail damage to vehicles in the immediate vicinity as well as damage to your gutters or siding. We recommend limiting your inspection to these areas since it can be dangerous to be on your roof without the proper safety gear and experience. Document Everything After a...
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Roofer on Roof in Safety Gear

Roofer Safety

Roofer Safety is a priority. We can prevent most accidents with careful planning and attention to safety protocols. The place to We can start is with proper training and knowing how to use roofing equipment safely. Proper Training and Safe Use of Equipment Safety training and follow-up training to refresh even the most seasoned roofers are essential to keeping everyone on the job site safe. But This is just the start of a roofing company’s safety program. OSHA requires fall protection training for anyone who is at risk of falling. Roofers definitely “fall” into that category. Roofers also learn how to use and maintain safety equipment. They also learn how to safely use any other equipment they will need on the job, such as:         Roofing Nail Guns        ...
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skylight over bed in bedroom

What You Should Know Before Installing a Skylight?

What Should You Know Before Installing a Skylight? Installing a skylight can be a great way to brighten up your home with natural light, but having the job done right requires careful planning, so before you go cutting a hole in your roof, there are some things to consider. Skylight Placement If you would like consistent, year-round light, having your skylight installed on the north side of your roof is the best way to go. If you are more concerned with energy savings, you will want to choose the south side. Your skylight will be installed between your rafters, so it can help have a blueprint of your home handy, but it isn’t required. It is also important to keep in mind what the sun from the skylight will hit. It could easily bleach out...
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Man Working on Roof

How Does A Roof Warranty Work?

How Do Roof Warranties Work? When purchasing a new roof, it is just as important to look into the warranty that comes with the roof, as it is to find out about the quality of the shingles used. Otherwise, you may have some surprises later in the future. To protect yourself and your pocketbook, ask for a copy of the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Then, take your time reading it. Make a note of anything you would like clarified. Types of Roof Warranties There are two categories of warranties:         A Manufacturer Warranty – Some cover only the roofing materials while others cover the entire system. Few manufacturer warranties will also cover the labor.         A Contractor Warranty – Some cover the labor, while others cover the workmanship....
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Solar Panels on Roof

How Solar Panels Affect Your Roof

Solar Panel Benefits Solar power is an excellent source of low-cost (after your initial investment) energy. It’s renewable, so you can feel good about taking care of our planet. And with no harmful byproducts such as emissions, it is clean. And very little maintenance is required. But what is involved in getting solar panels? You should consult a solar panel expert for the full details, but We can tell you about a critical aspect of this form of energy: How solar panels affect your roof. Start with a great roof. Your roof is the foundation of your solar panels. If it has problems, leaks, peeling shingles, etc., you should take care of these issues before installing solar panels. Once the panels are up, they will stay that way until you pay someone to take them...
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