Row of charming homes in suburb with shingles on roofs
Best Roofing Materials For Minnesota Minnesotans understand the struggle that comes with weather-proofing their lives. From making sure our cars are packed with de-icing gear, to double-checking that our furnaces are working as they should, to dropping hundreds of dollars on coats and boots, we take precautions to make sure we last the winter as...
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brown metal roof
Living in Minnesota, your home is going to experience all kinds of different weather conditions. It’s no secret that homeowners need a solid foundation to prevent any leaks or damage to their homes. You may think the roof you had when purchasing the house is fine, but even a weak roof can perform as expected...
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Roof Replacement With Professional Roofers on Roof of Large home.
When Should I have A New Roof Replacement? It’s not uncommon for homeowners to neglect the proper maintenance of their roofs. Ice dams, moisture intrusion, and general wear can degrade the integrity of residential roofing long before the hail storm causes damage. Because of the harsh seasons in Minnesota, your roof may already be to...
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Shingles used in roof replacement.
What Fiberglass Shingles are Made Of  Have you ever thought about what goes into the shingles that go onto your roof? Shingle technology is what enables your roof to last up to 20 years, despite the sun, rain, and wind. Although fiberglass shingles, often called asphalt shingles, are the most common roofing material used in...
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